Best and comprehensive Human Resource Planner application facilitates users with sophisticated option to simply manage business organization staff members different types of leave record including paid leave, sick leave, maternity leave, casual leave, martial leave, earn leave, pale leave and many others in easiest manner. Employee planner program offer users to properly maintain daily attendance record of all staff members of company at one place including incoming or outgoing details, shift information and others. is useful for numerous departments such as manufacturing and retail industry, hotels and hospitality, fire department, banking institutes, call centers, IT(information technology) industry, health care centers, transportation services, Manufacturing Operations, all size business firm (whether small, medium or large scale), schools, colleges and educational institutions etc. GUI feature allow application users to friendly work on Human Resource Planner program without requiring any professionally expert training or specialized technical knowledge for executing. Employee time scheduling and payroll utility facilitates users to improve their organization productivity through maintain staff members attendance or tour and training record and reduce their expenses. Features: * Innovative Employees Time Scheduling Attendance and Payroll Software enable users to simply maintain staff salary record in accurate way. * Employee planner application offer users to prominently track overall company details along with their complete information total employee number, their salary and others. * Most appropriate Human Resource Planner program facilitates users to easily manage various company staff salary record at single place and in simplified manner.