A command-line utility, Folder Synchronize is a path comparison and synchronize utility to compare/update files on a 'target' path with those on a 'source'. Folder Synchronize has 9+ built-in synch functions (synch, augment, refresh, update, prune, remove duplicates, recreate structure, delete empty dirs, Custom). The Custom operation can do subcomponents of the built-in functions and also special operations such as updating files on the source path. Comparison-only reports can also be generated. Operations are submitted to the program via ASCII script files. Although the program does not have a user interface per se, an optional prompted synchronize can be done to let you pick with operation to perform on the fly. Multiple operations can be submitted to the program within a single script. The program can optionally display a graphic of your choice while in operation and can be configured with a 'No Cancel' switch that makes it less easy for operations to be disturbed while in progress. The progress dialog (optional) can also display a message of your choice. Complex include/exclude file and path masks, along with size and file date filters, can be used for added control over the files to synchronize. Files can be binary comparison or date/time only. The program can also ignore unix vs. pc format differences between files when determining alike vs. different.