Exam Challenge is a multi-featured application for writing exams and administering them on the same computer or other computers. (Exams can also be printed.) The project started out when I was teaching Advanced Placement United States History in high school. Instead of wasting a dozen days a year administering tests during class hours, I wrote my tests in a predecessor of this program and administered them to students on their own time at the Mac Lab in the library. When all of my students had finished, I simply went to the computers and read out the results. Now this is much easier. Exam Challenge has been completely redesigned, a multitude of features have been added, and each examinee's results, with complete exam data, can be emailed to you. Exam Challenge has many useful and exciting features. Among these are: 1. General. *Use a Backdrop. *Get Help. 2. Writer. *Apply Passwords. *Start with Sample Questions. *Write Unlimited Questions. *Use Categories. *Choose Answering Sequence. *Scramble Answers. *Reorder Questions. *Import Images. *Import Sounds and Movies. *Search Questions. *Use Multiple Correct Answers. *Exchange Decoys. *Time Exams. *Offer Immediate Feedback. *View Statistical Evaluation. *View Records. *Select Grading Method. *Print *Email Results. 3. Examinee *Use a Process of Elimination. *Select an Answer. Reconsider Answer.