N'keybdrum - electronic drums for personal computers.Play drums with custom keyboard and foot mouse on your computer, 7 drum sets, you have "feel and look" of real drums, on your disposal is extended drum set. Graphical user interface for entering drum data, can save patterns as midi file, from Drumoke show and counters begginers can easily learn how to play drums. This part of software, Metronome, is excelant tool for every drum teacher and drum student. Grid is based on my html drum tabs file format, You can learn a lot about midi and drum notation from this software. It is easy to make MIDI drum track for whole song. For real-time drums playing user can define custom drum sounds, or this software can be used as simple but versatile drum machine. You can also play drum on computer using joystick (joypads) like video games drum kit controllers. With built-in audio recorder now you can save your custom drum rhythms in wav/mp3 format. Full support for Rock Bend drum set (tested models for PlayStation 2/3 and XBox).