For all those who are looking out for a proper solution to conduct online and offline recording on system must take help of network computer monitoring tool like Employee Desktop Live Viewer. Using this software it gets lot easy for any individual to constantly monitor the targeted computers and save the recordings in AVI file format. In fact, using this application all that you got to do is just specify different scheduling and recording parameters for the target computer connected via network. Most remarkable aspect about the tool is its ability to act as invisible software. In fact, an administrator can easily perform different activities like locking, restart, shutdown or may even modify the computers remotely. Useful for organizations where desktop activity monitoring is a must, this software helps in increasing the work efficiency and productivity of the organizations. Moreover, the important highlight of the product is it comes with two setup files one is Viewer and another one is Agent. The viewer can be installed on the server computer where as agent is mainly intended for the targeted computer. Besides this, the application has been devised in such a manner that it can monitor multiple computers simultaneously and at the same time could also record the screenshots, chat logs and other information. This astounding tool runs effectively on every operating system including Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and other previous versions. The users can get familiar with its features by downloading its free evaluation version. For more information visit: