This is a desktop application tool which allows you to detect, track any Yahoo Messenger's ID. You can also use it as a deny buddy tool. With tracking feature you will be notify when your victim ID is getting Online/Offline/Invisible. It checks the ID status periodically and adds in the report if there is any change in the ID status. You can use as many IDs you want to track as same time. There is sound alert/message alert which you can set as per your choice. Tracking: It means if you wish to know about any yahoo ID that when this ID is getting on line, off line or invisible then this feature is for you. Just add that ID or IDs and Click on start button (like play button). The IM Robo will start scanning periodically. If IM Robo will find any change in the status of that ID it will generate a report which will be automatically added to the report grid. Deny Buddy: If you want to remove your ID from any once's list you can use this feature.