Imagen plays a large sequence of numerated images like any other video clip. When you open a single image, it will scan the folder and detect other images following the same naming convention (e.g. pic00001.jpg, pic00002.jpg, up to pic01999.jpg). With the support of 19 video formats and 5 audio formats this is a player that can benefit many. Supported formats: ï¿­ AVI, Windows Audio Video Interleaved ï¿­ BAY, Bayer Image ï¿­ BMP / DIB, Windows Device Independent Bitmap ï¿­ FLC / FLI, Autodesk FLIC/FLIC-Pro ï¿­ GIF, Graphics Interchange Format ï¿­ HAV, High quality Audio Video ï¿­ JPEG, Joint Photographic Expert Group ï¿­ MOV, QuickTime (not all types) ï¿­ MPA / MP2 / MP3, audio MPEG-1/2, Layer I/II/III ï¿­ MPEG, Moving Pictures Expert Group, MPEG-1 ï¿­ OGG, OggVorbis Audio ï¿­ PCX, Zsoft Paintbrush ï¿­ PNG, Portable Network Graphics ï¿­ PNM / PPM, Portable Image ï¿­ RAS / SUN, Sun Raster Image ï¿­ RGB / SGI, Silicon Graphics Image ï¿­ TGA, Truevision Targa ï¿­ TIFF, Tagged Image File Format ï¿­ XPM, X-Pixmap ï¿­ WAV, Windows Wave Sound ï¿­ WMV, Windows Media (not all types) The player supports AVI, MPEG, HAV, FLC, MP3, OGG, and WAV multimedia formats. Video files can be slowed down or speeded-up, screenshots from movies can be saved to disk as image files. With the interaction of the user, frame rates can be adjusted to the desired viewing speeds (25 fps is the default). Recently, the compatibility issues when ran on the Vista machine has been fixed and support for FRAPS video decoder has been added. In short if you have a sequence of photos in almost any format, this is the software that offers the free solution to create a running video.