Any SQL database corruption issue may place your priceless data in inaccessible mode permanently. Mostly, SQL Server database gets corrupt due to invalid database file header, accidental data deletion, storage media corruptions, malicious virus attacks and various other fatal causes. DBCC CHECKDB is a free utility for resolving SQL server database issues but it is not capable to fix all possible issues of SQL server database. A professional SQL recovery tool is very helpful in such case. Kernel for SQL database is a sophisticated SQL database repair tool. It helps you to perform a thorough scanning of the corrupt SQL server database in order to extract all inaccessible data. It is included with advanced algorithms that fix all existing issues of SQL server database. While using this proficient tool, you don?t need to know the real cause of SQL server database corruption. It quickly repairs tables, views, triggers, stored procedures, damaged unique keys, primary keys and foreign keys of SQL database. Damaged records, partly damaged records are also recovered by the tool and saved in separate batch files. Kernel for SQL database repair tool automatically rebuilds batch of SQL database files and makes them reusable. Now, an updated version of this tool is available with more advanced features to handle large and heavily corrupted SQL database. Now, it supports all versions of SQL Server including SQL server 2012. It is fully compatible to Windows server 2012 OS. For more details: