Database : 1. Free database with 40 fields allowed 2. Predefined database (address-book) 3. Import/Export of databases in CSV and TXT formats Bar-code: 1. Available codes : EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A, UPC-E, 2/5 interlaced (standard and German), 39 code, 128 A-B-C code ; 2. Bar-code control text : can be imported from a database, can feature variable font, printable or not 3. Variable height, width and thickness; rotations by 90° increments. 4. Automatic code increment allowed; suffixes allowed; 0, 1, 2-character control keys. 5. Differentiates between laser printer and ink jet printer, for a better print quality and readability. 6. Choice between " WYSIWYG " option and the printing of bar-codes with guaranteed readability. Label formats : 1. All the AGIPA A4, A5, roll, and continuous formats are pre-recorded. 2. Customization and creation of formats possible. 3. No limitation on the number of labels to print. 4. Various numbering systems. 5. Various date settings (based on the computer date). Graphic module : 1. Imports images from any document in the following formats : BMP, WMF, ICO, JPG, PCX, TGA, TIF, GIF, PNG, PCD, EPS, DXF. 2. Imports images from a compatible TWAIN scanner. 3. Rotates images with a precision of 1 degree. 4. Circular text : variable arc angle and initial angle, variable spacing between lines, several colours, import from the database. 5. Tilted text : variable angle, several colours, import from the database. 6. Block of text : possibility to import text with line breaks. 7. Circle and ellipse : choice of line colour and width, possibility to fill with colour or " texture ". 8. Frame and rectangle : choice of line colour and width, possibility to fill with colour or " texture ". 9. Line : colour, style, thickness and orientation variable. 10. Locking objects to a grid possible. Printing