PrinTif 9x is a so-called Virtual Printer Driver, which means: When printing any arbitrary document on PrinTif 9x, the output is not going to be a printed sheet of paper, but an image file in TIFF format on your hard disk. In other words: It provides a snapshot of the entire document at the resolution of your choice. Therefore, PrinTif 9x is perfectly suitable for * Desktop Publishing * CAD * Document Management * and archival. Its features: * creates image files in TIFF format from all Windows PC applications * optional Multipage TIFF or one TIFF per page * optional in colour or monochrome * freely selectable resolution (100 - 600 dpi) * numerous paper sizes up to A0 (84 cm x 118 cm = 33 inch x 47 inch) * loss-free compression by LZW algorithm * document name can be taken on into filename