kernel File Shredder is the unique tool that maintains the privacy of sensitive data by erasing files and folders permanently. It provides the reliable method of removing files as well as folders from the hard disk of the computer. The erase data software is embedded with advance and sophisticated shredding algorithms that efficiently delete files and folders from the computer?s hard disk. In addition, it is also stuffed with various options that enable you to select files and folders depending on the data sensitivity. With this file shredding tool, files having any kind of formatting can be easily shredded. However, the files must be stored on the computer?s hard disk as it does not allow shredding files and folders saved in network drive, pen drive and other storage media. Another useful feature of this tool is it supports automatic shredding and performs permanent removal of files when users forget to do so. The software performs shredding with any files created using any of the operating systems including Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000 and Windows 2008 server. The users can evaluate the performance of this software by downloading its free trial version which is easily available on net. You can take the benefits of shredding files with free demo version for 30 days only. To continue the service for future, buy full version of the software. For more information visit