Simple Job Pricing system Job Pricing can involve repetitive pricing of parts. For those jobs you wish you could quote and bill faster, BB PRICING allows you to price and quote parts, materials or labor quickly. Startup - Setup screen Upon first starting your system, you will be prompted for your Company name, address, etc. You can also define the net payable due date for bills. This information will be used when producing quotes or bills. Also, you can define a default sales tax amount which will be inserted into each customer record that you add. So, if your area has a 6% sales tax, enter .06. When you add a new customer, this default tax rate will be used. Main screen On the top of the screen are the lists of customers. On the bottom are the "pieces" or parts of the job. Step #1 - Adding customers On the right side of the screen is a large Edit/Add button that is recommended when you wish to add customers and "pieces", or parts of the job. Step #2 - Adding parts The easiest way to add the parts is to add them from "Master List of parts". That way you can add as many parts as you want, all at once. If you have a new part (or labor pricing) that you wish to use, add it to the "master list" first. Then in the future, just select that part to add to the customer job each time. In the "master list", for each part or labor the most important things to define are the default: Description, Cost per foot, or Cost each % Markup, Tax exempt status Don't worry about Quantity. After you add this part from the "master list", you can edit all details in the edit screen. The only values to be entered in the "master list" are DEFAULT values.