Breeze Accountants Worksheet is an electronic rendition of the classic manual Accounting Worksheet used by Accountants to adjust General Ledger account balances in the process of preparing Financial Statements and closing an accounting cycle. The program is designed to provide a software Accounting Worksheet system where the Accountant needs to formalize the process of identifying and documenting adjustments such as in Public Accounting engagements, often referred to as Trial Balance Software. It is also designed to be a combination or consolidation software system, through the use of flexible balance importing, for multi entity groups that use a diverse range of accounting software. Balances can be imported from Excel Accounting Reports. After importing balances into the system, consolidation or combination calculations can be done and adjustments can be made on the consolidated or combined balances. One of the key features offered by the program is General Ledger standardization through account mapping. What this means is that a single standard General Ledger template could be prepared and then a wide range of diverse General Ledger software systems can be mapped into the standard template. The program includes Financial Statement Software in the form of an Excel Macro template that uses custom functions to retrieve program data for use in preparing Financial Statements and Analysis in Excel. Breeze Basic Bookkeeper is included with the Breeze Accountants Worksheet program as a separate program module for doing after the fact bookkeeping and write-up to trial balance. The program was designed with a technical layout primarily for use as Client Write-up Accounting Software or After the fact Bookkeeping Software. It was also designed to be Classic Accounting Software or Classic Bookkeeping Software without the use of a lot of visually assisted data entry screens. It is for users who understand fundamental accounting principles.