Twenty Seven years ago when the company was founded many people built their business by inviting friends and family to home meetings. This concept has built thousands of network marketing companies. This method still works today but people have been invited to so many home presentations that it just does not work as well as it used to. Once people run out of their warm market of friends and family, their business starts to fail. I want to introduce you to a new concept of turning to the internet like you have never done before. This is a process that works that I use and that my team use and I am sharing all the secrets here with you. There are 2 things that you must do to build a successful Nu Skin over the internet. 1. Get some marketing training is the first thing you must do. Unlike offline marketing strategies you have to learn the basic fundamentals of how to build a business online because the concepts are different but they work. A little secret is that it is all about personal branding, attraction marketing and becoming the leader. 2. You need a marketing system that will work auto pilot for you funnel your leads through a process where they end result is distributors in your Nu Skin business.