FindParked is a tool to help you find links on your website that point to a parking site. These will look fine to Xenu or brokenlinks. The site is no longer functioning. It just has a page of ads. There are two ways you use it: 1. create a list of URLs in a text or CSV file, and put the name of the file or files on the command line to FindParked e.g. java.exe -jar findparked.jar mylist.csv myotherlist.csv The data must be in the first column of the CSV file. Other columnbs will be ignored. 2. Use XENU (see to export a list of URLs your site points to by doing a File / Save Page Map to TAB separated file, then putting that file name of the command line of FindParkedInXenu. java.exe -jar findparkedinxenu.jar xenupage.csv Duplicates will be automatically removed before probing the sites. Like Xenu, these programs probe many sites at once, but the process is slow since it has to load the contents of every home page. You would probably want to run this test perhaps once a month, where you might run BrokenLinks daily. The sites it reports may or may not actually be parking sites. You could examine them manually to confirm. If they are indeed parking sites, there is not much you can do but delete links to those sites from your website. FindParked can be fooled by links to sites hosted with an ISP that also does parking under the same domain name. This is why I ask you to manually verify any sites it finds. FindParked just puts its findings on the console. It intended for a competent webmaster, not a rank novice. It has no frills. You can read more about Xenu Link sleuth at: You can download it at: See the companion BrokenLinks utility that is also a back end for Xenu to detect broken and directed links.