Variety - When writing articles, it is important to make sure you have a variety of topics that you write on to keep people interested in what you are writing. Pick a topic where you have specific expertise. For instance, if you have expertise in body building and health, you can write articles that give advice about great exercise routines, supplements to take if you are a body builder, healthy practices for body builders, advance body building techniques, and other articles that have a similar topic but are written at different angles. By doing this, you will have many readers looking for the articles that you write because your targeted niche is body building. Formatting - When you write your articles, make sure they are formatted in a way that will make it easier to read and scan over. You will be surprised to know that most people will not read an article thoroughly and will basically scan it first to see if it is relevant and will move on if they cannot read it properly. By bulleting and numbering the different points that you make in your articles, the more ‘readable’ your article will become. An article that is divided into sections for easier reading is far more attractive than an article that presents itself in huge paragraph blocks that look boring to read.