Map Suite MVC Edition is an ASP.NET MVC control that allows software developers to easily add interactive maps and professional GIS features to their MVC applications. Thanks to the speed and flexibility of the Model/View/Controller architecture, you can deliver next-generation GIS applications to desktop and mobile devices alike. Together with Map Suite's simple API and royalty-free distribution, you'll be able to bring your web-based GIS applications to market in record time. Map Suite MVC Edition offers a next-generation GIS development experience with features like: - A truly layered client-side development approach - Full control over HTML, CSS and use of JavaScript libraries like jQuery - Ability to target touch-based and mobile devices with HTML5 and CSS3 - A client-optimized experience for faster performance vs. traditional Webforms - Use less code to accomplish more with the streamlined and progressive API - Built-in mapping UI controls that including panning, zooming and mini map - Create your own HTML tooltips, markers and info balloons - Deliver imagery in standardized format with Web Map Service (WMS) - Supports ShapeFile, TAB, Oracle Spatial, SQL 2008, PostGIS, GRID and more - Includes over 80 sample applications with C# source code - Royalty-free distribution of your project - Professional online support, training videos and guides - 1-Year Software Assurance Plan - Much, much more Map Suite MVC Edition's powerful GIS feature set includes spatial queries, Regular Expression rendering, chart/graph rendering, projections, track shapes, GDI+ drawing, geometric functions, class break and value-based rendering, and much more.