Within automitive industry, it is required to submit initial samples to the customer in order to assure, that all requirements have been understood and will be followed during the next deliveries. This Quality Management Application is able to support this task by managing everything and storing all relevant information in one place. With this application, your company will be able to build up a complete system for your and customer satisfaction. This system is able to manage products, PPAP / PPF / EMPB packages, version controlled documents, action plans and users. With the built-in flexible list and user manager any company requirement can be configured within a few minutes. Using the change management function of the version controlled document module, the Quality Engineer, responsible for product approval process, will be able to replace old document version in the existing packages to the new one by a few clicks. If your company has no a reliable tool for this product approval process management or thinks about to change that, then it is a must to try ePPAP-Magic now. You will not be disappointed.