1. Overview eBayQB is a stand alone software which provides an automated solution to synchronize eBay orders to Intuit's QuickBooks?Accounting Software using eBay Trading API services. 2. Features * Automatically match eBay buyers to QuickBooks customers or create if non-existent. * Smart match eBay items to QuickBooks items by SKU No. or create if non-existent, ideal for using QuickBooks inventory control feature. Otherwise create one item match eBay so all items won't mess up your QuickBooks item list. * Map the eBay tax table with QuickBooks taxes. * Automatically create QuickBooks shipping and payment methods according to the eBay order status. * Create a new class in QuickBooks and insert into sales receipts to track your eBay orders. * Automatically scan and import your eBay orders as QuickBooks sales receipts according to your time range settings. * Multiple currencies supported. * Tested with QuickBooks 2009 - 2011 U.S. and Canadian version.