The 3D Stack Builder is so unique that nothing like it can be found elsewhere. It displays images in a 3D Stack formation. With 12 default presets and more than 50 XML settings you can modify the look and feel of the stack without even opening the .fla. -It can have 3 different directions Linear, Circular and Exponential. -It can have tooltips visible all the time, only on mouseover, following the mouse or stuck to the pictures. -It can automatically scroll through the images with a settable time delay or using forward,reverse buttons or Elastic Scroll Bar. - You can use it to trigger any actions such as gotoAndStop,load movie in your flash movie or just open links via getURL. -Use of depth Blur to give depth of field. -XML Settings Generator : You can use the Generate XML Settings button on the preview after you’ve obtained the desired look and copy/paste those settings in your xml. Which saves your precious time used to edit xml manually and experimenting with settings. -AS code is specially optimized for high performance and low CPU usage. -All settings in preview are available in XML . -Supports Transparent PNG ’s . -Supports MAC mouse wheel.