The Natural Viagra contents a list of the 13 natural herbs that have similar properties and effects than Viagra and are useful for treating several sexual ailments. They are usefuls to treat impotence, erectil dysfuncfion, involuntary ejaculation and infertility. Too, this herbs are used as aphrodisiac, sexual and libido stimulants and they have vasodilators properties. Is an excellent e-book that you learn how to prepare yourself the herbal formula just that you need. This e-book contents 13 herbs chapters where you can get specific information about each herb and its medicinal properties: you will meet information about common names, scientific classification, illustration's plant; general information as common names, scientific name, medicinal part/s used/s, effects classification, and geographical distribution on the world; traditional and popular uses; therapeutic actions and indications; phytochemical compounds; preparation and dosage.