PDF to Word Converter is the free software which is proved to be the practical PDF application software. Its biggest feature is changing PDF file to Word rapidly. In this case, you are allowed to edit your PDF file after it switching to a Word format. As we all know, one of the PDF file advantage is that it can keep the same design and layout from one document processing platform to another platform. The file would never be changed when it face different readers. However, its stability makes it hard to edit. In this case we need some tools to help us edit the file when it has some faults or we may need to update it when its content is out-of-date. PDF to Word Converter is one of the software which can help to make up the weakness of PDF. In today's world, editing PDF will be easier than ever before. What are its features and functions? That will be introduced as below. Simple & Clear Interface: Simply user interface make it available for all of us to use. You can know how to use it as you enter the software because its interface is concise. Detail Function: Select PDF for conversion. Output Doc file. General Option includes the convert pages, retaining shapes and images or not, using text-box or not and so on. Support opening document for editing after conversion. Download URL: http://3dpageflip.com/Introduce-Free-PDF-to-Word-Converter/setup.exe