The multilevel marketing, or network marketing industry, has made millionaires out of a lot of individuals, and has given countless people the chance to earn a decent income too. While the industry has overall performed greatly, some companies have been noted to rip-off their clients, and run away with other people’s money. However, a recently-merged health and wellness provider, the Trump Network, is making waves in the industry, not just because it carries a familiar big-business name, but also because it has a newly-revitalized and innovatively-crafted marketing and promotion plan. So is there a Trump Network scam, or a legitimate business opportunity provider? Marketing High-Quality Nutritional Supplements. The company is famous for offering a tailored-health and wellness product package for its customers. Its nutritional products come with a urine test called PrivaTest, which analyzes the nutritional status of a person. Once the results of the urine test come out, the company provides its customers with health and wellness products that are attuned to their specific nutritional requirements. Donald Trump Is A Firm Believer in Network Marketing. With the merger between Ideal Health and Donald Trump, the Trump Network has been rebranded to effectively promote a wide range of health and wellness supplements. For those think that this entity’s a scam, well look at who’s running it. If you know who Donald Trump is, then would you think he’d try running a scam, and rip-off money from millions of people, as well as destroy his reputation in the process? Now, this trump network review will readily admit that Donald Trump may have had his fair share of negative issues and bad press, but it’s almost certain that no one will brand him a professional scammer, or question his ability to to run his own business empire.