Reverse lookup 800 number The unknown number might be a non-published number. In this case, you can find the name of the person or the business that it belongs to but you can not see their number. That's right. You might think what the use of their names being stored in a directory is if the number is not available for the people to have. Once you do a reverse phone number search on an unpublished number, you will not get any kind of information as to whom it belongs to. The unidentified number might be a cell phone number. Mobile phone numbers are not listed on yellow pages. They are stored in a special kind of directory. If you are going to do a reverse search, you have to look for a legitimate reverse cell phone look up website first. By using this service, you will be able to get information such as the name, age, billing address, employment history and marital status of the number's subscriber. All of these you can have in just a matter of minutes. Reverse Lookup 800 Number will give you instant access to: * Owner Information * Address History * Carrier Details * Location Details