Manager Express deliveries "- a program for a courier company. It has all the necessary tools for success. The simple intuitive interface combines functionality, so necessary for fast courier company. Messenger software allows you to base orders, customers, employees, doing payroll, as agents and couriers, adjust prices for orders, couriers and agents. Allows you to print and export to many formats all printed forms, as the default, and you've created. For ease of use, between courier companies to create a convenient import and export manifests and confirmation of delivery, which allows to get rid of manual data entry into the program. All data tables are context menus allowing to remove the columns, add the implicit, to group, as well as to filter the desired column. The menu for quick access made the most frequently used menu items, such as: tariff calculator which allows you to immediately add an order with the addition of data already on the calendar, which allows you to add a reminder, as well as panel detail, which allows you to select data for the required period time. To reduce the time an order is created add the ability to automatically fill in the required fields in the card order, thus allowing the order to add a couple of seconds. A wide range of themes and visual styles allows each user to customize the program more convenient for themselves. Reporting Program has 2 types: simple and complex, but both are configured. In a simple reporting (quick export / printing), you can configure the order and a set of columns to print or export. In a complex reporting is possible to sum up, summarize data, group and create various reports in Report Designer. The distribution of rights is based on 2 main types of users such as administrators and operators. The administrator has unrestricted access to all tabs, the operator closed the tab for the administration, settings, billing, payroll.