HollywoodVocabulary is developed for the people who are interested in Russian. In our program we included Hollywood films, scientific means, convenience and flexibility. For native speakers it’s easier to learn Russian as foreign because subtitles of Hollywood movies became the vocabulary base. To understand, which variants of the words translation are most common in movies, we researched a main point of sentences included these words. It means that our dictionaries include not only lists of words and phrases, but also their translation structured the frequency principle. The frequency principle defines the common used vocabulary in a spoken language is learned the first. In the face of the Russian knowledge, everybody who takes an interest in learning can use HollywoodVocabulary. Our program software consists of various levels; each of them has the frequency dictionaries on the following issues: words, phrases, idioms and phrasal verbs. The user can make his/her own schedule of the learning process, how and when the dictionaries can be altered. This program is for home and office using. Convenience and flexibility are as well as the important issues of the HollywoodVocabulary program software. To deal with the whole system and its configuration is possible to use some keys. You also can receive a comment in the Results Window where the user's progress is. Dictionaries have audio in Russian that allows obtaining an idea about the pronunciation of one or another word and phrase. Download HollywoodVocabulary free and Practice Russian!