Practical manual; The practical aspects of programming are considered in Borland "Delphi 2005 for .NET" The questions of realization are described .NET in Delphi, and also syntax and objective models of two programming languages Delphi and S#.The features of development of appendixes are shown for two basic types of appendixes Windows Forms and VCL.NET. Large attention is spared creation of appendix for work with databases.Technologies of ADO are considered.NET and BDP.NET, and also creation of appendixes of VCL.NET, supporting the known technologies of access to to to information Borland Database Engine .NET, dbexpress .NET, Interbase Express .NET, dbgo and other.The receptions of creation of appendixes are described on the basis of technology of ESO, utillizing perspective architecture of development of appendixes of MDA. The expounded material is accompanied examples. For the prepared programmers.