iTunes has revolutionized the music industry with its low cost and ease-of-use. Now Flink Learning revolutionizes the educational activities industry with its low cost and ease-of-use. Flink Learning allows parents and teachers to download learning activities by yearly subscription as easily as they download songs using iTunes. The activities are graphically-appealing and engaging for children in grades K-5. The activities reflect a wide variety of types, from electronic worksheets to instructional games, from e-Books to story-writing activities. There are over 4,000 activities in subjects including Math, Reading, Spelling, Writing, Science, Social Studies, and Phonics. Adults use a simple, iTunes-like application to find, buy, and download activities for their children. Children use the same application to play their activities. Downloadable activities provide immediate, targeted help to young children to master learning skills without ever going on the Internet. There are no time constraints; you own the activities forever. Annual subscription fees for a complete grade level of 250-350 activities art as low as $19.95. You have access to more interactive activities than on any other Internet site. The activities are targeted to specific student needs; the activities can be searched for by those specific skills. Parents and Teachers must have Internet access to find, buy, and download the activities. Once the activities are downloaded, children do not need to have Internet access to use them. Parents can download the activities on their computer and move them to a child's computer. Teachers can work at home and bring the activities they purchase to the computers in their classroom. FlinkMake can be used in conjunction with Flink Learning. FlinkMake allows parents and teachers to create their own software activities as easily as they can now create printed worksheets. Their children and students can use those activities with Flink Learning.