Reverse lookups There are usually special directories for finding phone numbers in the US and/or cell phone numbers. You will need to make sure the website you use has the option of cell phone or reverse cell phone look up before you use it. This is common on most of the cell number look up free services websites. You will know when you reach the website if the option is there. Most of these websites that provide a way for you to find a phone number, address, name or at least a general location are very easy to navigate and they are laid out for ease of use. It is so easy, in fact, that even the novice user can navigate their way around with no problem. Whether you are searching for a long lost friend, family member or trying to find out who is calling you, these websites are there for you. Technology has given you a great easy way to find a cell number look up free website where you can get the information you want or need. Reverse Lookups will give you instant access to: * Owner Information * Address History * Carrier Details * Location Details