Trace a Telephone Number Wireless numbers are protected by many different privacy laws and acts, which make them almost impossible to trace. White pages contain landline numbers so it is futile to use them when doing a reverse cell phone search. Here are the things that you should be looking for in a reverse cell phone directory: 1. Its database should contain about 200 million numbers. With that much data, you can get a higher chance of getting a match to the unknown mobile number that you have. 2. Find out if their database is regularly updated. You do not want to waste your money and time with a service that has old and useless data stored in them. You should look for an online reverse cell phone number directory that is reliable and efficient. It is important to be careful and cautious when using this kind of services. Not all of them are genuine, so to avoid hassles, ask your friends or do some research about a good online reverse cell phone directory. Trace a Telephone Number will give you instant access to: * Owner Information * Address History * Carrier Details * Location Details