800 phone number reverse search Today, there are many ways in which people can get information about a cell phone or a landline number. One of the most common methods is by using search engines. But unfortunately, this way of looking up phone numbers is not really advisable for cell phone numbers. Cell numbers are not listed on public directories. That is why it is a waste of time to depend on search engines to do the job. Websites that offer reverse cell phone look ups is the answer to your problem. They have databases that contain millions and millions of mobile phone numbers all over the country. Not only that, they also have detailed information about each of the cell phone numbers that are listed. When you avail of their service, you will be given the name of the phone subscriber, his age, date of birth, present address and many more. You can have all that data in just a couple of clicks in a matter of a few seconds. You should remember though that not all websites that provide reverse phone searches are legitimate and real. Many of them just want to steal your money and waste your time. Some even advertise themselves as "free reverse cell phone directories" but the truth is they are just scams. It is helpful to do a bit of research before finally deciding to use a particular website's service. The reputable and trustworthy reverse look up sites usually charge a small amount of fee for their service. That is alright because they guarantee 100% accurate results and customer satisfaction. 800 Phone Number Reverse Search will give you instant access to: * Owner Information * Address History * Carrier Details * Location Details