Best Task Killer and Task Manager is the perfect app killer and task manager for your Android device. Best Task Killer and Task Manager will help you manage all the background processes and stop unnecessary apps with a single tap. Now easily see in one place what app is running in the background and simply kill it if you want to free up the memory. All you have to do is select the unwanted apps from the list of apps running in background or select Kill All Apps option to stop all processes. Plus the exclude feature will keep apps running, which you don't want to kill when you press Kill All button. We've even added an Auto Kill feature which will turn off and kill unwanted apps by setting a time. Features Kill Individual or All Apps Manage Processes Battery Usage Tracking Memory Meter with Memory Notification Bonus: Detailed Device Info including Network and CPU Information Bonus: Application Management (Launch and Uninstall) Best Task Killer and Battery Manager is the perfect app to manage all your apps. Download this app today to free up your memory and save your battery!