Distance Designing Templates for Flipping Book, which can be import to PageFlip PDF to Flash as digital eBook templates, is great assistant to help users decorating their flipping book in seconds. The Distance Designing Templates show railway or road which extends to distance. As the pictures tell us, we can see the destination is, but we should keep walking on along our way to reach the end. That is the simplest way to success. How meaningful the templates give us. Use it in your flipping album to enhance your eBook charm. Download URL: PageFlip PDF to Flash: http://www.pageflippdf.com/pageflip-pdf-to-flash/index.html Theme download: http://www.pageflippdf.com/themes/2012/distance-templates-for-flipping-book.html 1. Run PageFlip PDF to Flash 2. Click File: File->Import Theme, select the *.thm (themes unziped from download zip them package) from open dialog box. 3. Open Template Window by clicking Templates button in Designing setting panel. 4. Find and select the theme you have just imported. Note: All various free flash flippingbook Themes are available in PageFlip PDF to Flash. With those Themes & Template you can make more professional and interactive flash Flipping Book as you want.