Best Weather and To Do Lock Screen, creates absolutely the most beautify and useful lock screens for your iOS device. Have you tried to-do apps, reminders via alarms, and are you tired of forgetting? Then this app is for you! Simply add a beautiful background, your to-do list, reminders, important text such as birthdays, flowers for wife etc, and then save them to your lock screen. Instructions on how to set the lock screen manually, make it simple, easy, and fast. The best way to remember something is simply have it in front of you every time. The first thing you see when your phone is locked is the background/wallpaper. Why not put all your reminders in the background and you'll never forget. You'll be reminded every time you unlock your device. How many times a day do you look at your locked device? Just think every time you unlock the device, you'll be reminded of those important tasks. This is absolutely the best and most useful app for those how forget :-) Beautiful Lock Screens With Weather, To-Do, Reminders, and More! Special Features: Display Weather Within The Lock Screen In Fahrenheit or Celsius Set To Do List Reminders For Up To 8 Events Set Reminders To Keep App Updated With Latest Details Display Custom Text with Different Colors Capture and Set Custom Lock Screen Background Set Your Own Wallpaper From Photo Library Automatically Display Current Location Things You Can List In Lock Screen - Contacts, Emergency Numbers, Schedules, Weather and More! Impress your friends and have a fun, functional and useful app. Remember every time you look at your phone you will be reminded of all the things you need to do for the week. No more setting alarms and forgetting. Do it in this fun and easy way.