TEMPLATE FEATURES: XML Menu and Layout - * XML based navigation menu, can be modified; * logo can be changed via XML file. [ jpg, gif, png or swf ]; * MP3 Music can be changed via XML file; * You can add or remove your own social links; * Easy to use and configure. Full-screen Photo Gallery - * Gallery can load unlimited pictures; * Photos are loaded dynamically via XML files, from external folder; * Support full-screen; * Gallery can fit photos of any size to your user screen with a clean and sharp look and feel. HTML/XML BIO PAGE - can be duplicated; * HTML Content page can load HTML text which can easily be formatted via CSS; * This page can support scroll bar; * Scroll bar auto hides if total text height is less then the content area; * This HTML text can Support Images as well. via image tag used in HTML. Your Own Swf Addition - * If you want to add another page to this template then this is the part for you where you can add your own modified and produced SWF file. Help and Support - * This template comes with a very well explained HELP file; * Everything is well organized; * All code is well commented; * Flash FLA source files library items are well organized.