If you ever did linkexchanges with other sites you already know that it is pretty hard to find good sites to exchange links with and keep control under reciprocal links. You have many requests for link exchange that should be processed every day and visit each site to check popularity, you should keep marketing your links directory and visit each site to check popularity and efficiency of incoming and outgoing link. Our system is designed to automate link exchange process and keep the option of manual link exchange and manual checking of reciprocal links the same time. So what you get if you choose to use our service: 1. FREE link exchange script, which can be used like any other link-exchange script. This script is easy to install, personalized, protected with password, and is managed from the central server by our system or by yourself if login to our server and manage links there 2. Links automated by the central server, however there are no risk of closing this service. All links saved on your server and our server only add new links or remove existing. Even if there is any network problem and our central server is offline your links directory will be always up and working. 3. You can request for automated link exchange with other resources listed in our link exchange directory, all sites sorted by categories and you can see Google page-rank for each site listed in our directory. You can request a link exchange with them and if they confirm it this link will be added automatically and link exchange will be established instantly 4. Other members of our site can send link exchange request to any site listed under your account. You also has an option of accepting or declining incoming request if you like to do link exchange with them or not 5. For each site you can see category of that site and figure out if incoming link from that site will fit your traffic or not, also you see Page-rank for each site and can make your decision. ...and mcuh more!