Do you know what ?love? stand for? People always say letter L means listening. Love is listening to the people you love without condition and prejudice and give him/her a hand. Love is obligating. Love makes us obligate our love and keep on giving to gain more and irrigate our love. Love is Valued. Love need you to show your valued, consideration for something and sincere encouragement. Love is Excuse. It makes you excuse his/her mistake and weakness. In the love themes, the first theme is to show you several islands form a heart shape if you look down at the sea. The second theme is to describe a heart shape made by book page. There are two cute little pigs stand on both sides. The third theme is to display a word of ?love?. As you can see there are many hearts are floating on the air. It stands for sweet and romantic love. Just download the love themes to share your love story and enjoy the love.