Email clients are still the industry-standard for businesses to work with their various email accounts, with Microsoft Outlook being by far the most popular of these tools. Unfortunately, however, there are also many different formats in which the various email clients store their contact details and saved messages. Files created by Microsoft Outlook are, for example, not even compatible with other Microsoft email clients such as Outlook Express. To overcome these issues, a tool such as Emltopst Outlook Express to Outlook Converter is essential. The Outlook Express to Outlook conversion software makes it quick and easy to migrate between different email clients. Emltopst Outlook Express to Outlook Converter is more sophisticated than the basic import feature included in Microsoft Outlook. The folder structure of the original data is preserved and a very wide variety of formats is supported. Microsoft Excel 2010 64-bit is supported as well. To find out more and to download the Emltopst Outlook Express to Outlook Converter today, visit