If you do on-page SEO by hand, it will take you hours to scan a site for all the structural flaws that degrade your rankings and figure out how many keywords you need on each page to outrank competitors in the SERPs. Is there a way to speed thing up? Sure deal! Grab WebSite Auditor and get all the metrics you need for on-page SEO in just a few minutes. The SEO tool produces 4 kinds of website SEO reports that help you go through site structure AND content optimization in no time at all. Website Structure Audit Report Full of eye-pleasing diagrams and easy-to-read tables, it gives you a quick overview of your site's structure. First, it shows you the number of pages indexed by the search engines. Second, it allows you to quickly spot the following issues: -broken links -duplicate content -missing meta data (titles and descriptions) -HTML errors -oversize pages (by w3c standards) -pages restricted from crawling (e.g. by robot.txt), etc. Page Structure Audit Report It largely mirrors Website Structure Audit Report, but concerns a CERTAIN PAGE on your site. It lists crawlability issues found on the page under consideration. Search Engine View Report The report shows a webpage as seen by search engines. If your target keywords are present in the page's title, body text, anchor texts and other elements - they will be explicitly highlighted for your convenience. Page Optimization Audit Report An easy-to-read table contains ideal density for EACH keyword you are targeting in EACH element of your page (title, body text, headings, etc.). Plus, you can see how those keywords are used in respective HTML elements of top 10 competing sites. All 4 website SEO reports can be generated without you even stirring a finger. Built-in safety mechanisms (proxy rotation, human emulation, etc.) ensure software's uninterrupted work. Still doing on-page by hand? Learn the difference - get WebSite Auditor's razor-sharp reports for free! Hit download.