Have you lost emails vital to your company when a computer crashed and the data on your drive became corrupted? Data corruption happens more often than you think, and it can leave people who need sensitive information that was sent to their Windows Live program out of luck unless they have an email recovery program. Windows Live Mail Recovery Tool is a email recovery program that specializes in Windows mail recovery - our program is able to restore Windows Live messages, even after a hard disk reformat or even a reinstallation of your operating system! Our software can recover emails quickly, giving you two convenient options to help you quickly scan for the correct locations to recover Windows Live mail. You can choose the "Scan email store" mode to recover email messages that were accidentally deleted recently, or the "Scan entire disk" mode to perform email recovery even on emails that were removed years ago. Windows Live Mail Recovery Tool works quickly and securely, making sure that the messages you recover are restored to the proper folders and with all of their contents intact. You can even filter messages when you recover email, searching only for those that fit the parameters of the deleted message you are looking for. Because Windows Live Mail Recovery Tool offers message previews, you can feel safe knowing that your email recovery will never accidentally be performed on the wrong messages, wasting your time and effort. Even better, any attachments to the messages you select for email recovery will also be restored, allowing you to see any photographs or documents that were sent to your inbox even if you did not save another copy. We are so sure that our program will be your favorite, that we even offer a free demo version. You can preview all the recovered emails that will be restored by the program even before you purchase it. Windows mail recovery has never been easier or more affordable!