You can add unlimited number of pages and menu levels. You can also include unlimited number of languages, from 1 to N. THE LANGUAGE SELECTOR WILL AUTOHIDE IF YOU DEFINE JUST ONE LANGUAGE. This template is suitable for any type of website, from business to personal. We've created 3 samples for you as you can see in the preview. All were configured only from XML & CSS. Two video players are included with FLV/MP3/RTMP/YouTube support and a VIMEO video player is also present. No Flash knowledge required. Is extremely flexible and easy to customize. Everything is configurable from XML and CSS. You don't need to open the sources files, which are also included. The template contains the following type of pages: TEXT PAGES- HTML support: Put your entire html code in XML settings file. Complete CSS support. The text can be formated from the external CSS file. Mouse wheel support - The scroll will autohide if not needed. Background color and transparency parameters. BANNER PAGES-Component Options-From XML file you can set: - component width and height; - background color & transparency; - external link target: _blank or _self; - buttons customization, color & transparency; - autohide controllers on Mouse Out: true/false; - always hide controllers: true/false; - autoplay; - loop. Images Options-For each image you have the following options: - path to the image; - transition effect - you have up to 10 transition effects to choose from; - transition duration (in seconds); - external link - OPTIONAL. Component Shadow - OPTIONAL. From XML file you can set the shadow transparency. Possible values from 0 to 100. Component Glow - OPTIONAL. From XML file you can set: - glow color; - glow size; - glow strength