There have been several requests about the imagery used in various forms on our site. The images are hand-drawn and because of the level of interest in them, we decided to build them into a screensaver. The screensaver features completely hand-drawn and colored images of various different houses and landscapes. These screensaver will run on any Windows-based computer and is extremely easy to install. All you have to do is downloaded and double click on the icon to begin the installation process. Once installed you will find it as an option by going to your screensaver menu. All you have to do is select it as your default options there. Once you have done so you will find that it activates itself after your default period of time and to be managed in exactly the same way as any other screensaver that came preinstalled on your computer. We have made every effort to keep the file size of the download as small as possible. We did have to consider that the quality of the images needed to be high and with that in mind we've kept the download size of the file as small as possible so as to make it easily accessible to users with a dial-up connection. All of the images come from larger hand-drawn pieces that were commissioned for our site, company and to be integrated into any of our software products. In the modern high-tech world of computers it can sometimes be nice to have some old-fashioned art around you. We hope you enjoy the screensaver and if you require any information about reverse mortgages please feel free to visit our web site as we have many articles and software applications that you might find useful at the site. The screensaver should run on almost any version of Windows and because of its optimized file size it should also be able to run comfortably on older computers. We have made every effort to give the screensaver the widest possible compatibility.