PDF to Flash Brochure (Pro) Themes Pack- Ribbon (Professional product brochures theme templates) Ribbon resembles s strip of colorful cloth not those tattered or ragged (a joke). Ribbons dance to the wind with dazzle colors accompanied. Yeah, we make Ribbon as today's theme for flash brochures. As digital publish theme, the templates in Ribbon are romantic, shining, and even elegant. We could hard help take our eyes off of them for their fabulous imagination and creativity. Any flash brochure should be perfect and amazing if could use these flipping flash templates. Plus the cool folio pattern and powerful functions & features, your flash flip brochures must be successful and impressive among the competitors. Download URL: PDF to Flash Brochure Standard: http://www.flash-ebrochure-maker.com/pdf-to-flash-brochure/index.html PDF to Flash Brochure Professional: http://www.flash-ebrochure-maker.com/pdf-to-flash-brochure-pro/index.html 1. Run PDF to Flash Brochure (Pro) 2. Click Menu: File->Import Themes, select the *.thm (themes) form open dialog box. 3. Open Template Window by clicking "Templates" button in "Design Setting" Tab 4. Find and select the theme you have just imported. Note: All various free flipping brochures Themes are available in PDF to Flash Brochure Professional or PDF to Flash Brochurestandard. With those Themes & Template you can make more professional and interactive flash Flipping Book as you want.