Free PageFlipPDF Reader is a PDF tool enables users to read PDF in a special way which is different from the traditional reading habit. It's easy-to-handle software with simple but useful interface. You just need to import PDF and have a fantastic reading experience at once. The biggest feature of this PDF reader is its page turning effect in the reading window. After you import PDF, you can view a floating flash window in the middle of the interface and the PDF become real book like. It allows you to turning the eBook page with dragging its page corner or you can use the tool bar to flip PDF pages as well. In addition, there are more functions are including in these tiny PDF reading software, such as share function, print function and so on! Free PageFlipPDF Reader Features: 1. Striking button to import PDF from computer. 2. Show page number in the top title bar. 3. Easy to flip pages by dragging the PDF page corner with mouse. 4. Easy to turn PDF pages with its book frame by a quick click. 5. Easy to flip PDF pages by the page index button in the bottom tool bar. It allows getting quickly to last page or first page by a click. 6. There is print button to print PDF pages freely. You can define the print page range instead of printing the whole PDF file. 7. Detailed thumbnails for each page are show in the left side of the flash window when you click the related button in the tool bar. You can get a quickly reaching to the targeted page by clicking the PDF page thumbnail. 8. Zoom in function to help you view small detail in the PDF. It's useful for small screen users.