Actually opening password protected rar file without knowing the password is easy now, all we need is RAR/WinRAR Password Remover. It is the fastest advanced RAR password recovery tool with three attack methods which can recover passwords instantly for RAR archives created in WinRAR, RAR or any other RAR-compatible software. With this tool you have three options to quickly reveal the password: Advanced dictionary attack, brute-force attack, and advanced brute-force with mask attack. This software is easy to install and easy to use. Download the free version of RAR Password Recovery now that less than 3 symbols of password can be recovered immediately. Four Powerful Attack Types 1. Brute-Force Attack. This Attack will try all possible characters combinations in the specified Range. The password recovery engine is highly optimized, thus short password can be recovered immediately. 2. Brute-force with Mask Attack. If you remember the password partially you can set a mask with the mask symbols for those parts you can't remember, it will help you effectively shorten the recovery time compared with brute-force attack.(High Recommended) 3. Dictionary Attack. Recover lost RAR password by trying the password combinations in the built-in dictionary as a password. Self-created dictionary is also supported. 4. Smart Attack.This Attack is automatic and smart attack. It will try all possible characters combinations include all priteable characters.