Various types of financial product that will allows a senior to release the equity in their home have appeared on the market in the last few years. Reverse mortgages as they are commonly known, can be a great type of financial product which can allow you to use the money you have tied up in your main asset to fund your lifestyle in your senior years. There are various types of reverse mortgages available. Some of them will allow you to release all of the equity while some of them will be geared towards partial equity release. Also, you will find that there are different payment structures. Some of them would like to pay out in a lump sum while others will pay in a regular monthly income schedule. As with any topic that slightly off the beaten track, finding specific invitation can be difficult. This is exactly what our search tool is for. This version of the search tool is Windows-based. If for some reason you don't like installing software or you're not running your computer on a Windows operating system there is also an online version of the search tool that can be used completely free and should run on almost any operating system that you can access the Internet with. We have also tried to keep the size of the downloadable file to a minimum so as to keep our search tool accessible to people who are using dial-up connections. The search tool has been geared towards the specific subject area so it should be able to return better results than you might normally get. One thing that's very important to remember when searching like this is to not take any one given information source as being accurate. It is very important to cross check all of the information when dealing with something as important as this. We hope you find our search to useful and if you wish to learn more about the background to reverse mortgages and how they might be useful to please feel free to visit our web site as you will find some useful articles there.