Extremely Fun reaction time and concentration game for all ages. The game play is simple, feed the animals the right food as quickly as possible. The animals are super hungry and they don't like it when you feed them the wrong food! The game starts off fairly easy and gets more challenging over time as some of the foods get infested by insects and the speed at which it falls keeps increasing.  The objective is to direct the falling food to correct animal. It is highly entertaining and addictive. See who can feed the most food correctly while getting the highest score. Great When You Have Few Minutes While You Wait! Features - 6 Different Animals to play with - 2 Different Game Modes - Realistic Sound Effects and Animations - Gradually increasing levels of difficulty  - Simple interface which ensures you can play it casually anywhere without making unnecessary movements such as moving the device around Tips - Start with the easy level so you can get used to the game speed - Use the special power ups to save yourself, they become invaluable in the later levels when the food falls quite rapidly. - The foods all have different shapes and colors depending on the animal they are suited for. After a while it becomes quite easy to distinguish between them and makes playing a lot easier.