www.usbsquad.com enable users to prominently capture overall information including USB removable mass storage devices plug in and plug out activities done on client machine even network cable on machine is unplugged or network connection is accidentally broken. Highly interactive USB Port Blocker utility allow users to save record entire client machine information at user defined location in computer system or laptop for future reference and can be viewed by them whenever required. Graphical user interface facilitates users with advanced feature to frequently work with USB data protection tool for windows network without having any specialized technical knowledge or professionally expert guidance for operating. USB device activity monitoring software is available with enhanced feature it informs server with beep alert when any removable media device is inserted or removed to client machine. USB device activity monitoring Application for Windows network is beneficial for different sectors including software companies, Corporate Organizations, research developments, schools or colleges computer labs, IT (Information technology) companies, investigation agencies, small or medium size organizations and many others. Features: * Specialized USB device activity monitoring software for Windows network allows users to easily generate reports of recorded logged files in html file format. * USB Data Theft Protection application conveniently monitors and record entire USB mass storage media device insertion or removal activities details in simplified manner. * Affordable USB data protection utility for windows network offer users to secretly monitor client computer system name and IP address along with their date and timing details. * www.usbsquad.com is compatible with various removable media devices including pen drive, Mobile phones, USB Flash cards and many others.