Lazesoft Windows Recovery Home Edition is free Windows system recovery bootable disk. Lazesoft Windows Recovery Home Edition offers home users complete solutions to fix boot problem, retrieve valuable files, Undelete Partition, etc. With easy to use interfaces, you can using Lazesoft Windows Recovery Home Edition to correct boot problems by yourself avoided reinstall your Windows. No technical background is required. Main features of Lazesoft Windows Recovery Home Edition: Create Recovery CD (bootable) or USB Disk to load. Fix boot problems with Lazesoft Recovery Recover Windows from critical system errors when BSOD or it displayed a black screen. Recover MBR even if when a boot virus has corrupted the MBR. One Click Repair Windows System Partition Boot Sector Recover missing or corrupted Windows system files such as 'ntldr is missing', 'bootmgr is missing', etc. Recovery or edit corrupted registry, virus-infected registry key value. Edit and Repair Windows boot file boot.ini or BCD Rescue Windows XP Vista and Windows 7 32 and 64 bit. Retrieve your critical data with Lazesoft File Manager Registry Editor & Registry Recovery Recover partition after accidental deletion or partition table damage New Features: * Support building bootable DVD * Added options to special WinPE version and type while building boot disk * Added options to special custom drivers while building boot disk * Minor bug fixes.