If you engage in weekend sales to augment you income, whether you have a pavilion at a flea market, a booth at a bazaar, a display in a yard, garage or attic, a table along a busy throughfare or in a park or a roadside stand, the software application, The Weekend Retailer is what to need to record sales transactions and related sales tax and to have that data summarized by sales dates on a year-to-date basis. With this standalone spreadsheet application, you can focus on making sales and not on crunching numbers. This application takes into consideration prices derived from haggling and items being sold in a hodgepodge bundle. In fact, the application is accompanied by a PDF Overview file that puts into perspective unothodox sales transactions and how to account for them through the agreed price and the number of units sold in order for the correct sales revenue to be computed. The user has the discretion and the responsibility of determining what portion of sales tax, if any should be applied to each sales transaction. When that determination is made the user should provide the effective sales tax rate so that the sales tax owed can be computed, accumulated and ultimately liquidated. The Weekend Retailer has 104 identical worksheets that are summarized and hot-linked to a summary worksheet. Each worksheet can accept up to 100 transactions in a given sales date, making this application suitable for the most demanding sales operations. While the general premise is that the sales revenue system should cover a period of a year at two days per week; but actually it can cover a longer or shorter period. When a period is completed all areas where data has been entered can be cleared and the process can begin anew, after printing a hard-copy of the summary worksheet. The Weekend Retailer works on all Windows platforms from Windows 95 through Windows 7. The same is true for Mac OS X, Linux and Unix. It can run on a USB device, or from a CD-ROM or a network drive.